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A Wholesaler's online ordering solution

Sell your inventory via the web. We have taken our 15 years experience in the tire and automotive service industry combined with our web and marketing expertise and created a powerful eCommerce solution uniquely designed for your business. Fully integrated with our Tire Power POS, Inventory and Accounting Software suite, TCS ePower is designed to ease your customer's ordering process and grow your business!

Real Time Inventory All your quantities & prices synchronize with Tire Power POS. Your customers get the same information as if they had called in to order.
Automated Data Entry Online Orders processed back to Tire Power POS and Accounting system automatically. No more manually entering work orders.
Online Promotions and Specials Built-In Advertising/Marketing Tools to Flag Specials and Promote Hot Items
Easy, Fast Search and Order Easy customer navigation and quick one-page checkout. ePower offers your customers the easiest, quickest search and order process available.
Customer Specific Catalogs Allow customers to create their own custom catalogs to avoid redundant searching and ordering. Customers can order their catalog items and quantities in one click!
Saved Searches Your customers can save their most common searches to their homepage to speed up ordering time.
Tire Guide Pro with Plus Sizing Customers can search by vehicle for OE and plus size tires you have available to sell.
Compare Products Side by Side Speed the decision process with ePower's flexible product comparison tools.
Business Analytics Analyze what customers are searching or buying and pick up on trends to increase sales.

ePower will make your customers choose you over the competition!
  Your customers want: You need:  
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast online ordering
  • Flexible product searches
  • Real Time inventory and pricing
  • One-stop order management
  • Tools to analyze customer trends

ePower has it all!

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