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Web Power helps you get more customers in the door using an innovative online presence.

TCS recognized that most tire dealer websites are missing two  things;

Product Selection – 90% of the tire dealer websites are displaying a logo of the brands they carry, and can’t display specific products or even worse link out to the  manufacturer.

Customization – In today’s market you have to stand out to attract people to your business. Cookie cutter templates and generic websites will not entice potential customers to walk into your business.  They want to see how you are different than the others, especially when analyzing and doing research on your site.

Why is this bad?
1. Customers expect a shopping/informational experience on the web.  Even if they do not plan to buy on the web, the reason they are going there is to gather information in order to make a qualified purchase.  If you do not give this to them, they will find someone who will.

2. By linking to your manufacturer for all the information the potential customer is looking for, you are sending your customer away from your site and reducing the probability they will come to you location for the purchase.

The reality is — Potential customers searching the web are looking for specific information and want fast and simple, yet eye catching and different from your competitors.

The Fix

The Web Power website connects with your Tire Power inventory.  A customer can then browse your inventory or use the Tire Guide to find the tire for their car.  All the data they need you are able to provide from Tire Power.

The customer will spend more time on your site, find what they want and can call or come into your store to get it.

Supplying potential customers a unique and eye catching website with simplistic navigation drives them to order from you or walk through your doors, and not your competition’s

This is how… Tire Power + Web Power = New Business

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