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TCS Retail Websites Achieve Highest Growth This Year

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

TCS Technologies reports their tire dealer websites’ online sales in August saw the highest level growth of this year compared to any month ever, recording a huge 24% jump in August and a 16% increase in July 2012.

internet-marketing-logo-bgfontAt the ITEC conference today in Cleveland, Ohio, TCS Technologies announced that its’ tire dealer retail websites are boosting online sales and conversions with recent upgrades, which help tire dealers engage consumers in highly relevant, interactive websites across digital, social, mobile and traditional marketing channels. TCS’ strong initiative to engage consumers to do more than research online has helped its dealers strengthen opportunities to capture the sale and realize a 24 percent growth in online sales.

The industry leader in providing websites that sell tires, schedule appointments and capture consumers, TCS’ success is the result of a plan to broaden its business focus beyond researching tires and auto services online. Specifically, the web applications provider looked to place more emphasis on driving repeat business, better user experience and streamlined consumer purchasing experience.

Among the new features that can be directly attributed to the huge growth in online sales include a redesigned checkout process, a new tire search by category that consumers find extremely easy to navigate, a tire finder Facebook application and a mobile tire search and catalog.  Implementation of Search Engine Optimization strategies which rapidly moved sites towards the top of rankings was a large factor in the increases in online purchases, quote requests and appointments scheduled.

These new features are a direct result of TCS research. For more than a year, TCS has been analyzing both e-commerce and non e-commerce websites and applications provided to their dealers.  As a result of this research, TCS has been able to mine the large volume of data it collects, analyze customer behavior (e.g. How are customers shopping? Are they using computers, mobile devices or shopping at a physical location showroom? What causes a consumer to convert online?) and personalize communications. With this business intelligence, TCS has quickly identified new sources of contact to the consumer which converts shoppers to buyers, creates appropriate customer incentive initiatives and deploys more effective marketing and communications strategies; with each having a direct and immediate impact on online and offline sales.   The trend to put tire pricing online is rapidly increasing which in turn is increasing the sites selling tires online.

TCS reports an 18 percent increase in the amount of visitors coming to their websites in third quarter 2012 compared to second quarter 2012.  Additionally, their data is showing consumers are coming to the sites to purchase or schedule – not just research.  “The increase in visits to our sites is due to both our search engine optimization strategies which place our sites at the top of results for the keywords which converting consumers are using as well as it is clearly being driven by a change in consumers’ shopping behavior and how and when they engage with brands. Retailers that focus on optimizing their websites for this new breed of shopper will, no doubt reap the benefits of their investment.” stated Marek Cerny, TCS Director of Retail Web Applications.  “Google makes nearly monthly changes to its algorithms which determine which sites appear at the top of search results.  TCS continuously makes significant investments to stay on top of these changes and implement new features and SEO tactics which are paying off for our dealers who reap the benefits of these monthly double digit increases in both traffic and online conversions.”

“Posting prices online and actually selling tires through your website is going to continue to become more and more mainstream within the tire industry.” says Barry Reese President of TCS.  “Those that get on board, or at least build sites with that end functionality in mind for the future, will reap the long term revenue benefits of staying ahead of their competition.  Online purchases are increasing dramatically across the board and TCS is committed to staying ahead of the curve in providing dealers with the products to give consumers the buying opportunity where they want it – a traditional website, a mobile device or a social network.”

About TCS Technologies:

TCS Technologies, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom tire software solutions, web applications, ecommerce platforms, and support and consulting services to tire companies across the US and Canada. TCS has built a product base, which continues to prove itself as a revenue increasing, business streamlining asset to any size tire business. TCS has tools unmatched in the industry, and customization within each of its products to cater to the way tire dealers and retreaders do business. TCS’s home office is located outside Nashville, TN with a second location in Salt Lake City, UT.


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Social Media Marketing Event with Tire Business & TCS

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Social Media Marketing is a way that businesses and organizations can proactively engage their customers via channels such as, and  These social media channels are the places where customers, your company’s customers, are spending many hours of their days and weeks.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing |

The Importance of Social Media Marketing |

In the past few months, both Tire Business and TCS have published information about Social Media Marketing.  TCS advises clients that participating in Social Media Marketing provides your company fairly instant communication with your customers about special offers on your products or services.

TCS also advises that companies use Social Media Marketing as an opportunity to give tips of advice that solve their customers concerns.  Social Media Marketing builds credibility and value for your brand in the online world.

Aside from the customer interaction it provides, Social Media Marketing goes hand in hand with the importance for ongoing Search Engine Optimization for a website.

SMM drives three critical elements of Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

1)     Traffic: There are hundreds of millions of people using social media every day.  Participating in social media gives your company the opportunity to direct some of that traffic to your web site or offerings.

2)     Leads: People who come to your website from a social media referral are already interested and think that you might have a solution to their problem. As such, site visitors from social media channels are primed to turn into leads that you can then work to turn into customers.

3)     Links: Every link back to your website from social media is an opportunity to get more traffic. Even if your reach is beyond your target market – i.e., even if there are people following you on social media who aren’t likely to become your customers or even leads – they can still provide you with valuable links and help you grow your trust with the search engines.

All three of these elements combined are critical to a website’s online visibility and success.

Social Media Marketing Tips Tire Businesses Need to Know

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts
You may already have social media accounts, but if you do not, get accounts set up today.  Create a central email account that will receive all the responses and account information from your social media accounts.  This is a great way to track activities as well as centralize your login information for ease of use.  If you do not have social media accounts, today is a great day to start.

Ensure That Your Social Media Accounts Have a Consistent Look and Feel
Your business needs a consistent look, feel and messaging across all mediums. Consistency in appearance and messaging communicates that you are serious about this venture that you have put thought into what you are doing in the “socialmediasphere”.  Be sure to post that your accounts are the “Official XYZ Company Fan Page” so that your customers and potential Social Media followers can trust the messaging as authentic.

Commit to 6 Months of Consistent Social Media Marketing
Six months may seem like a long time, but if you know what your goals are and plan out the topics and purpose of your postings, you’ll find that Social Media Marketing is not as daunting as it seems.

Convert Your Social Media Traffic
Social Media Marketing is about thought customer relationship management, public relations, leadership, web site and social media site traffic, online visibility, brand credibility and much more.  But Social Media Marketing is also about lead generation.

As you work with a Social Media Marketing Specialist, such as TCS, we will be able to show you how after the months of building trust and credibility socially is accomplished, that there are myriad opportunities to then present special offers to your social media following.

Would You Like to Ask Additional Social Media Marketing Questions?
If you have additional Social Media Marketing questions, we invite you to join Tire Business and TCS for a Social Media Marketing Q & A Session on Facebook on June 7, 2011.  More information on the event can be found on the Tire Business Facebook Fan Page or on the About TBlog.  While you are there, we invite you to “Like” both Tire Business and TCS for more Tire Industry news and Social Media Marketing information.