TCS Retail Websites Achieve Highest Growth This Year

20th September 2012 by admin

TCS Technologies reports their tire dealer websites’ online sales in August saw the highest level growth of this year compared to any month ever, recording a huge 24% jump in August and a 16% increase in July 2012.

internet-marketing-logo-bgfontAt the ITEC conference today in Cleveland, Ohio, TCS Technologies announced that its’ tire dealer retail websites are boosting online sales and conversions with recent upgrades, which help tire dealers engage consumers in highly relevant, interactive websites across digital, social, mobile and traditional marketing channels. TCS’ strong initiative to engage consumers to do more than research online has helped its dealers strengthen opportunities to capture the sale and realize a 24 percent growth in online sales.

The industry leader in providing websites that sell tires, schedule appointments and capture consumers, TCS’ success is the result of a plan to broaden its business focus beyond researching tires and auto services online. Specifically, the web applications provider looked to place more emphasis on driving repeat business, better user experience and streamlined consumer purchasing experience.

Among the new features that can be directly attributed to the huge growth in online sales include a redesigned checkout process, a new tire search by category that consumers find extremely easy to navigate, a tire finder Facebook application and a mobile tire search and catalog.  Implementation of Search Engine Optimization strategies which rapidly moved sites towards the top of rankings was a large factor in the increases in online purchases, quote requests and appointments scheduled.

These new features are a direct result of TCS research. For more than a year, TCS has been analyzing both e-commerce and non e-commerce websites and applications provided to their dealers.  As a result of this research, TCS has been able to mine the large volume of data it collects, analyze customer behavior (e.g. How are customers shopping? Are they using computers, mobile devices or shopping at a physical location showroom? What causes a consumer to convert online?) and personalize communications. With this business intelligence, TCS has quickly identified new sources of contact to the consumer which converts shoppers to buyers, creates appropriate customer incentive initiatives and deploys more effective marketing and communications strategies; with each having a direct and immediate impact on online and offline sales.   The trend to put tire pricing online is rapidly increasing which in turn is increasing the sites selling tires online.

TCS reports an 18 percent increase in the amount of visitors coming to their websites in third quarter 2012 compared to second quarter 2012.  Additionally, their data is showing consumers are coming to the sites to purchase or schedule – not just research.  “The increase in visits to our sites is due to both our search engine optimization strategies which place our sites at the top of results for the keywords which converting consumers are using as well as it is clearly being driven by a change in consumers’ shopping behavior and how and when they engage with brands. Retailers that focus on optimizing their websites for this new breed of shopper will, no doubt reap the benefits of their investment.” stated Marek Cerny, TCS Director of Retail Web Applications.  “Google makes nearly monthly changes to its algorithms which determine which sites appear at the top of search results.  TCS continuously makes significant investments to stay on top of these changes and implement new features and SEO tactics which are paying off for our dealers who reap the benefits of these monthly double digit increases in both traffic and online conversions.”

“Posting prices online and actually selling tires through your website is going to continue to become more and more mainstream within the tire industry.” says Barry Reese President of TCS.  “Those that get on board, or at least build sites with that end functionality in mind for the future, will reap the long term revenue benefits of staying ahead of their competition.  Online purchases are increasing dramatically across the board and TCS is committed to staying ahead of the curve in providing dealers with the products to give consumers the buying opportunity where they want it – a traditional website, a mobile device or a social network.”

About TCS Technologies:

TCS Technologies, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom tire software solutions, web applications, ecommerce platforms, and support and consulting services to tire companies across the US and Canada. TCS has built a product base, which continues to prove itself as a revenue increasing, business streamlining asset to any size tire business. TCS has tools unmatched in the industry, and customization within each of its products to cater to the way tire dealers and retreaders do business. TCS’s home office is located outside Nashville, TN with a second location in Salt Lake City, UT.


TCS Technologies

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13th September 2012 by admin

TCS Technologies announces its new cloud-based TreadTracks™ retread plant management system will be on display at the upcoming ITEC 2012 Show, September 18-20 in Cleveland, OH. The system, which manages the retread process from the time the tire is picked up through the finished delivery, is an enterprise grade system handling operations from 1 to 100+ locations and gives unprecedented visibility as to how to most efficiently manage your retread plant.

TreadTracks™ uses advanced touchscreen desktop and mobile interfaces to simplify the process for the end user and speed the flow of information throughout the system. By leveraging the interconnected components, managers can see in real-time the productivity of each aspect of their operations at each plant worldwide.

“As TCS has been implementing TreadTracks™  to our beta partners, we have received the most excitement about the instantaneous feedback to everyone from the shop floor to upper management,” said Shawn Puckett, TCS’s Director of Business Development. “This enables companies to solve problems before they occur, make better decisions, and manage their supply chain much quicker and more efficiently than they have ever been able to do.”

TreadTracks™ works with existing hardware and follows industry standard practices and procedures to make moving to the system extremely simple. All customer data is easily accessible so it can integrate with not only TCS’s TirePower™ software, but with most point of sale systems.

TreadTracks™ workstations and mobile interfaces are ruggedized and made for a global workforce. They utilize a unique multilingual interface, allowing workers to operate in the native language, further reducing errors in the production process.

“By leveraging our cloud technology, we take the worries of server management, software upgrades, and patches off of our customer’s minds and allow them to focus on managing their operation,” said Barry Reese, TCS President. “They’ll always have the latest software. The last thing any plant manager wants is for their operations to be stopped while they’re trying to troubleshoot technology problems.”
Management features of the system include but are not limited to Production Scheduling, tracking of Raw Materials, Production and Fleet Reports, RAR tracking, and many more. Users of the system will be allowed to track tires through their retreading facility with bar code scanners, print labels at each checkpoint, and utilize long term tracking with the use of RFID tags.

Scheduled demonstrations will be given of this cutting-edge technology at the TCS booth (BOOTH # 632) during the upcoming ITEC 2012 Show in Cleveland, OH running from September 18-20. For more information about the TreadTracks™ System visit the TCS at the upcoming ITEC Show, or contact a TCS representative about TreadTracks™  at (888) 449-8473 or

About TCS Technologies:

TCS Technologies, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom tire software solutions, web applications, ecommerce platforms, and support and consulting services to tire companies across the US and Canada. TCS has built a product base, which continues to prove itself as a revenue increasing, business streamlining asset to any size tire business. TCS has tools unmatched in the industry, and customization within each of its products to cater to the way tire dealers and retreaders do business. TCS’s home office is located outside Nashville, TN with a second location in Salt Lake City, UT.


TCS Technologies

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Employment Opportunity – Executive Sales Assistant

5th September 2012 by Jessica

The ideal candidate will be experienced in handling a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks and will be able to work independently with little or no supervision. This person must be exceedingly well organized, flexible and enjoy the administrative challenges of supporting the director of sales as well as working on various tasks of a small to medium office of diverse people and programs.

The ability to interact with staff (at all levels) in a fast paced environment, sometimes under pressure, remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality is crucial to this role. Expert level written and verbal communication skills, strong decision making ability and attention to detail are equally important as well as the ability to listen and record important information and following through with action items.


  • 5+ years’ experience supporting at the executive level
  • Excellent calendar management skills, including the coordination of complex executive meetings
  • Experience assisting management with the creation of PowerPoint presentations and marketing materials
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Experience scheduling travel arrangements for management


  • Support experience in a professional B2B services, sales or marketing environment
  • Experience successfully creating and/or modifying processes
  • Bachelor’s degree

The Executive Sales Assistant will:

  • Be responsible for calendar management, requiring interaction with both internal and external clients, as well as consultants and vendors, to coordinate a variety of meetings
  • Communicate and handle sales, marketing and support tasks as assigned
  • Assist with creation and/or preparation of sales and marketing materials
  • Assist in pipeline/forecast preparation and management
  • Prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously, and follow through on issues in a timely manner
  • Arrange travel schedule and reservations for executive management as needed
  • Additional tasks as assigned while always prioritizing with a strong understanding of the company’s mission and sales goals.

To Apply send resume and cover letter with position in the subject to

TCS Customer Raises $70,092 for the Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina

31st May 2012 by admin

gI_63020_blacks tire fundraiserBlack’s Tire & Auto Service, a 32-location tire and full service auto shop in North and South Carolina raised $70,092 for Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina.

Since 1954 Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina has been a sanctuary for hurt children. Founder Mr. A.D. Peacock started the organization to help struggling families and young people who have been removed from their family due to abuse or neglect.

Black’s Tire raises a record $70,092.00 at the 2012 BTS Charity Golf Tournament held on April 13, 2012 at Foxfire Golf and Resort. For over a decade, Black’s Tire has been a big supporter of Boys and Girls Homes of NC. Ricky Benton, owner of Black’s Tire and his wife Dianne Benton, have an understanding of the importance of strong parenting and a good home environment to children. They themselves have raised three boys who have become successful adults and are involved in the family business.

The 2012 Black’s Tire Service Charity Golf Tournament was a charity to raise money for the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina. It was held at the Foxfire golf and Resort on Friday, April 13, 2012. Over one hundred twenty eight players participated in the tournament, along with the one hundred hole sponsorships and corporate sponsors. Over all, the entire charity event was a huge success breaking the record of raising seventy thousand and ninety-two dollars.

Over the many years the Benton’s and Black’s Tire Service have contributed more than $419,199.00 to the support of the children in the care of Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina. Boys and Girls homes President/CEO Gary Faircloth, who lived at the Homes during his high school years stated “I am touched deeply by the efforts of Ricky and Dianne Benton, their family, their Black’s Tire Service family and all their supporters. I am who I am today because of Boys and Girls Homes and I know how important the work of this agency is to the life of a child. Our children have awesome friends in the form of Black’s Tire Service and I deeply appreciate the support, and encouragement, that comes from the gifts provided by Black’s Tire Service. I extend a very deep and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in these gifts to the children in our care.”

About Black’s Tire and Auto Service

Since 1929 Black’s Tire and Auto Service has been a family owned and operated business serving the North and South Carolina communities with quality tires and excellent automotive services. With over 32 locations in North and South Carolina to better serve their community, tires Raleigh NC and tires Charlotte NC are just prime examples of the companies impact on the community. It’s because of Black’s Tires honest auto repair, excellent tire services, and their outstanding customer service, that customers keep returning.

To see what Black’s Tire and Auto Service is all about visit them online at, 877-847-3748, or email at info(at)blackstire(dot)com

Black’s Tire and Auto Service website was built and powered by Tire Company Solutions (TCS) located at 500s. Walnut Ave. Cookeville, Tennessee to contact visit their website at