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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

(Cookeville, TN, February 22, 2012)

tcs-tire-company-mobileTCS Technologies, software and technology provider for the tire, automotive, and retread industry, announces the launch of mobile versions of their client’s retail websites and web applications; allowing easy access to the dealer’s website from a smartphone or tablet device.  These mobile sites incorporate the main site’s content, yet emphasize the “go to” features consumers are accessing when surfing from their smartphone.

TCS decided to produce the mobile sites after research uncovered large numbers of tire and service consumers regularly use a mobile device to research local information about dealers, discount/savings opportunities and tire and service information in general.  “We have closely watched the rapid growth of smartphone users accessing our dealer’s websites.  On average 13% of visits to our retail tire and service websites are coming from a mobile device, with many sites topping out at 20-24%.” stated Marek Cerny, Product Manager of TCS’s retail web applications.  In a recent study by Neilsen, as of Q4 2011, 46% of US mobile consumers had smartphones, and that figure is growing quickly. Mr. Cerny continued, “As we follow tire and consumer behavior on our sites we find the results in line with other industries who report consumers are mostly using a smartphone to find local information about the dealer, or in response to a local ad or promotion.”

TCS’s mobile optimized sites are automated, yet give the dealer control over the content presented on the mobile version of their website.  Dealers were asking for control to be able to present special marketing messages to consumers like, “Use your mobile device to present one of the savings listed below.”  However, they also wanted the content from the website to auto-populate to their mobile optimized site.  TCS mobile sites provide both automated and dealer generated content delivery to each smartphone friendly web page.

TCS CEO Barry Reese remarked, “The addition of mobile enabled sites is all part of TCS’s ongoing commitment to providing a total technology solution to tire and automotive services dealers; equipping them with every tool needed to drive more sales and provide superior customer service.  With all research indicating the trend with smartphones is rapidly growing, we are committed to investing in our technologies to provide our customers every resource needed to be superior to their competition.”

TCS’s existing mobile optimized sites include a quote request form, a locations page with one-touch contact to the location, including mapping to the location, an auto populated promotions page, a services page, a contact form and a page highlighting the products carried by the dealer.  Dealers who sell tires online will also find a mobile friendly shopping cart feature to help drive complete tire sales from a smartphone.   To access one of the TCS mobile optimized sites, visit from a smartphone or tablet.  Interested dealers should contact TCS at their website or 888-449-8473.

About TCS Technologies:

Tire Company Solutions, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom tire software solutions, web applications, ecommerce platforms, support and consulting services to tire companies across the US and Canada. TCS has built a product base which continues to prove itself as a revenue increasing, business streamlining asset to any size tire business.  TCS has tools unmatched in the industry, and customization within each of its products to cater to the way tire and service dealers do business. TCS’s home office is located outside Nashville, TN with a second location in Salt Lake City, UT.


TCS Technologies

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Do They Find You? Take the Quiz

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

16 Million Consumers shopped for tires in the month of Feb on Google Alone!

Each day, more and more people search for tires online. If they can’t find your website easily, you are missing out on revenue. According to broad match, Google’s AdWords tool, over 16 million consumers searched tires in the month of February – That’s just on Google!  Did they find you?  If so, did they actually shop your virtual store enough to request a quote or make a purchase?  It’s not enough to simply expose to the virtual shopper you exist – you have to allow them to shop.

Take the quiz:

  • Does my site allow the consumer to see their available tire choices?
  • Does my site ask the consumer to contact me so that I can convert the shopper to a buyer?
  • When a consumer searches “tires ‘my city’” does my site appear as one of the first choices?
  • Is my site compelling enough, yet easy to navigate, keeping the casual internet surfer interested?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you are missing out on $$

TCS is helping dealers find and retain web dollars. In the month of June, we are offering a FREE Tire & Wheel Finder Package to all new Web Power customers. Contact TCS now for a free consultation or call 888-449-8473.

The Hunt Stops Here

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Network-tires-250TCS customer, Network Tire Inc., based in Chalfont, PA has just launched – a website to assist tire retailers, wholesalers and consumers in finding those hard to find tires.  By filling out a simple web form with the details of the hard to find tire, does all the work for you.  Not only does it locate the tire, it also ships directly to your location.  Congratulations to Andy and Lisa for a successful launch and a much needed creative solution for the industry!  To read the full article, click here:

What is Permission Marketing?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Permission marketing is when you ask your target market and web site visitors for their ‘permission’ to do, or send them something. It is an important part of your internet marketing. The key is to get your target market to willingly volunteer to participate in the process. In order to do this, whatever you are offering needs to be of value to the user and you have to make that value clear to them. If they see no benefit in participating, then they will not. It’s that simple! Adding an opt-in email sign-up is a good example of permission marketing.

What makes permission marketing so effective?

It’s not intrusive. The user volunteered to receive the information you are sending because it is of interest to them. This significantly increases the chance of the user viewing what you send to them and also being receptive to it. Permission marketing can be a valuable asset in acquiring new customers and building relationships with your existing ones.

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