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TCS Signs as First Subscription to TIA’s TPMS Database

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Bowie, MD– The Tire Industry Association (TIA) announced today that TCS Technologies has signed the first subscription to the Association’s newly created TPMS Database. The Database incorporates all of the information in TIA’s highly successful TPMS Relearn Chart into a file that can be linked with point-of-sale (POS) software so the TPMS requirements for each specific make and model can be printed directly on the work order.

“The TPMS Database was created to give retailers another option for handling the TPMS relearn and service requirements for domestic and import vehicles,” said Kevin Rohlwing, TIA Senior Vice President of Training. “By creating a data file of the TPMS Relearn Chart, we are now able to provide this valuable information in multiple formats so we can meet the needs of any size retailer. TCS was the first software provider to approach us after the release during the Global Tire Expo (GTE) and we are proud to announce that they are the first company to recognize the value of this product.”

“We are excited to be the first company to offer TIA’s TPMS Database, remarked Barry Reese, TCS President. Our POS software applications already provide retailers with tire reference information and technical data specs, so TIA’s TPMS information was a natural extension of these features. The partnership with TIA allows our customers to access the TPMS relearn and service requirements for the most popular domestic and import vehicles by simply entering the year, make and model.”

For more information on TIA’s TPMS Database or the TPMS Relearn Chart, contact Chris Marnett, TIA Director of Training at 800-876-8372, ext. 106 or

About TIA:

The Tire Industry Association, with a 90-year history representing all segments of the national and international tire industry, is the leading advocate, as well as, instructor in technical training of tire service technicians. For more information, visit or call 800-876-8372.

About TCS Technologies:

Tire Company Solutions, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom software solutions, web applications, ecommerce platforms, support and consulting services to tire and automotive service companies across the US and Canada. We have built a product base which continues to prove itself as a revenue increasing, business streamlining asset to any size tire business.  We have tools unmatched in the industry, and customization within each of our products to cater to the way tire and service dealers do business. TCS’ home office is located outside Nashville, TN with a second location in Salt Lake City, UT. For the latest news, information or an online demonstration, visit the company’s website, or call 1-888-449-8473.

Molly Reese
TCS Technologies


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Why do we need accountability in life?

What does that look like? It could mean taking responsibility, giving an answer, or an explanation. It is a great way to motivate us. Just knowing I will have to give an answer for my actions, health, work, etc. keeps me on a positive path in life. TCS has a wellness program that keeps us accountable. One TCS employee said, “Just knowing I have to write it down, keeps me motivated to exercise when I don’t feel like it”.  Our health and wellness is something we can impact to a large degree by making good decisions about how we live and what we eat. It is important to eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise and get the vaccines available to prevent diseases. Many Americans are living unhealthy lifestyles and are not aware of wellness or prevention, which will only result in worse health conditions and higher healthcare costs in the future.  The quality of life and how you feel is in direct proportion to the choices we make in our exercise and diet. Choose a plan or an accountability partner and get involved in a program to improve your wellness.  I challenge you today to take action, accept responsibility and encourage someone today to take the step with you.

Employment Opportunity

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Job Title: Web Designer / Developer
Company name: TCS Technologies
Pay Rate / Range: Salary Requirements Accepted
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Position Type: Full Time, Employee
Date Posted: Nov. 12, 2010

Job Description
TCS Salt Lake is seeking a full-time web designer with technical skills or aptitude. TCS is the foremost provider of websites and internet applications for the Tire and Automotive Services Industry in wholesale and retail markets.
* We are also accepting applications for web engineers, see our other ad.


+ Artistic
+ Fluent with Adobe Photoshop and experience “cutting” images into website graphics.
+ Able to code and debug HTML / CSS
+ Flexibility: Designer will both work on team projects and independently, taking projects from initial concept to launched website, as well as be able to understand code and retrofit existing sites. Adapting to our systems and production methods is a must.
+ Enthusiasm. Customers in our industry like visual pop. Applicant should enjoy creating visually stunning designs and have a creative pool to draw from to keep ideas fresh and evolving.

Other desirable skills:
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Familiar with JavaScript and PHP
+ Experience working on projects that utilize version control.
+ Experience solving browser quirks issues.
+ Able to balance between creating a masterpiece and launching on time.

How to Apply
Contact: Kenny Pratt
Phone: 801-466-4932

Send resume via email to

TCS Proudly Announces Record Year, Best SEMA Show

Friday, November 5th, 2010

(SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV, 03-Nov-2010) Cookeville, Tennessee-based TCS announced a record year of growth, along with the addition of new technology customers signed the first two days of the SEMA show, a direct result of both its superior suite of products, services, support and commitment to the independent tire dealer.  Among those signing up for TCS’ suite of solutions at the SEMA show are retailers Speedy’s Tire in Charlotte, NC and Tire Ninja in the Los Angeles area, wholesalers Lucy’s Tire Inc. in Miami, FL, Alpha Tire and Wheel based in Houston, TX,  EZ Wheel USA in Pacific, WA and several additional dealers who were in need of an updated web site to target revenue potential from internet consumers.

TCS provides software, web and custom internet technology solutions for the Tire and Automotive Services.  A line of new and expanded product offerings along with growth in company size and production capacity has bolstered sales to a record high point in TCS’ 16-year history.

“TCS has set itself up to be the technology partner for the independent tire dealer of the future.  By providing best of breed products across all areas of information technology, we are helping tire business after tire business that have been let down or burned in the past find a partner who provides technology solutions that deliver bottom line results.”  says company president Barry Reese.   These signings on the SEMA show floor reflect how more and more tire companies continue to recognize a partnership with TCS and the TCS unique suite of products and services is a necessity to secure growth for their future.

“Our growth numbers speak for themselves,” Mr. Reese stated while posting impressive figures:  Our ecommerce volume has increased over 450% in the last 12 months.  Our technology has helped increase our customers’ revenue 10-25% since moving to our platform.  Network Wholesale of the Philadelphia area, business owner and TCS client Andy Chalofsky reported “My company has experienced a 25% increase in profit over last year since moving to TCS products, and business just seems easier.”

For more information about TCS and their products, interested parties are invited to stop by their booth #42167 or visit the TCS website at for information, contacts, downloads and more.

About Tire Company Solutions

Tire Company Solutions, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom software solutions, ecommerce platforms and support and consulting services to independent tire and automotive service companies.

In business within the Windows environment for over 16 years, TCS has created information technology solutions for tire and automotive centers with one focus: making them more profitable.  In addition to the software, TCS offers ecommerce solutions, consulting services and website creation for its customers.  For the latest news, information or an online demonstration, visit the company’s website, or call 1-888-449-8473.

The Company is headquartered in Cookeville, TN with a western region office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Molly Reese
TCS (Tire Company Solutions)